Product Name:Full-automatic Wheel Deburring Polishing Machine

Product Model:XLY-MCJ-13/20A
Applied to front side, back side and mounting plate of wheels for removing burr, and polishing the sharp in order to improve the performance of pant film.
Mainly consisting of main body frame, driving mechanism that drives the brush rotationally going up and down, wheel flexible localization system, grip mechanism, dust removing system and electrical control system.
1、Improving the efficiency of deburring and the performance of paint film;
2、It can be assembled with conveyer roller realizing automation in entire process;
3、Fast changing the brush, quite easy to operate;
4、The average production rate reaches 30 ±5 seconds per pcs which is more efficient.
5、Range of Application: For wheels of 13-22 inches, can be customized.