Product Name:Full-automatic Roller Table Logistics Pipeline

Product Model:
XLY-GX-13/22A (Blank Conveyor)
XLY-NX-13/22A (Semi-finished Product Conveyor)
XLY-BX-13/22A (Finished Product Conveyor)
This equipment is applied to convey the blank wheels, finished wheels and other products. It adopts step-by-step control and double-chain series connection rollers which runs steadily. By adding the recognition system and other supporting devices, it can realize the material sorting and distributing.
Mainly consists of rollers, rack, holder, gearing, driving device, detecting system, electrical control system and so on.
1、There are options of galvanized steel roller, steel roller with glue coating, surface embossing, nylon roller etc. to satisfy clients’ demand on technology and quality.
2、Automatic transfer, automatic sorting and is able to shunt from a main convey roller, fully meets the demand of automation for logistics transporting.
3、Adopting step by step electrical control system saves energy effectively.
4、Installing and maintaining conveniently, modular assembly, dimensions can be customized.
5、Range of Application:conveying wheels of 13-22 inches and other products, can be customized.